Rob Kennedy jr./Judy Mikovits talk on vaccinations

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Feb 19, 2021
YES!! Mikovits is spot on! Her bight career was ruined by the criminal, Fauci! She was the one that connected HIV with AIDS only to be squashed by Fauci and taken over. She has done extensive work on Fibromyalgia - it's origins and treatment. She exposes the detriment of Retrovirues to our health and the fact they are contracted from vaccines and are responsible for a number of disorders/diseases.

Her first book is a real page turner. She and Dr. Francis Boyle both nailed it right out of the chute! Yet, sadly neither one has been - nor will be - called on by MSM. The media (including some on FOX) has been involved in criminal behavior and have blood on their hands.

Here is another excellent short video on COVID and outcome.


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