Robert David Steele - explosive truths revealed

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Jan 9, 2021
Yet knowing how way leads on to way...

One of the advantages of keeping an open mind and heart with regard to perspectives is finding an unexpected treasure trove of knowledge leading to widsom. This costs nothing, only sincerity. Now, do churches and grassroots organizations solicit donations? Yes, of course they do and they must: there are operating costs in the 3 dimensional world. Websites don't run themselves, video equipment and editing doesn't buy itself, people must be compensated for their time and also have to eat, etc. Some organizations mainly sell products rather than advertise. Art meets commerce.

Anyway, via Simon Parkes, I recently became aware of Robert David Steele. He is a former US Marine and CIA spy, and he knows the inner workings of the deep state. He seeks to expose the truth and I find him very interesting and a powerful voice for freedom.

Here is a recent video involving a commission he is forming to tackle the problem of paedophilia, one of the most cherished evils of the "Owners" (Carlin):

He is on Telegram.

Blessings to all of you Patriots on this wintry Sunday.


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