Rudy Giuliani - WHAT REALLY HAPPENED On January 6th?

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
This was quickly banned on YouTube.




Active Member
Jan 9, 2021
Rudy Giuliani, We have an enemies problem with the rule of law, you know it and I know you know it, So what's to be dun?
Has got something to do with the new world order and we'v got the same problem in EU Europe.
Not all the apples are bad but the bad ones will destroy the hole crop, We the people look up to you people to identify the crooked Judges and stop this from happening, The longer we wait the moor difficult it'l be till these freaks start another war.


New Member
Jan 10, 2021
It to bad so many Americans are clueless to our government and how it works. It is up to the people to vet those seeking office. It is up to the people to make our schools teach truth media report truth and law enforcement to follow the law. We Americans have been self centered and lazy doing what is our responsibility. The culture we want to live in is our job to put into place.
The church has also been bought off. Not telling truth and growing selfish people who think wealth is the key to happiness.
Trump and other patriots have stepped in to try and save the republic. Lets stand strong with them and pray God's grants us mercy or America 🇺🇸 is over.

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