RUMOR: missile strike….target was the AT&T/NSA “spy hub”

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
We now have video evidence that an incoming missile initiated the explosion in Nashville. The following skyline video, embedded below, shows quite clearly an incoming missile trail immediately before the explosion.

We also now know that the location, which was blurred out by Google street maps, housed the AT&T / NSA VoIP Router Complex, which allows the NSA to spy on all phone conversations and phone texts of anyone using the AT&T network. The Intercept article, “The Wiretap Rooms,” explains the existence of “hidden NSA spy hubs” all across America.

The former owner of the building is reportedly Cerebus Capital, which is tied to Yagoobzadeh, which acquired some ownership of Dominion Voting Systems.

ere is the actual video from local Nashville news, it starts at the 4:00 mark... It is a flare, at least initially to my eyes... And then one second later the bomb goes off. Or, who knows, would it surprise any of us?


Joseph Fernandez

New Member
Dec 26, 2020
Didn't you see the video on the main highway. The tractor trailer and the Black SUV. At the same time as the explosion. Both was weighted. The SUV was really weight down. And they were moving. Around a small curve. At the same time of Explosion. And it wasn't the blast that moved that two SUV and Tractor trailer. Truth and only my truth

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