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New Member
Feb 17, 2021
I first heard Rush in 1988/89 when GH Bush was running for president. I was wondering who is this pompous overconfident guy? Then I started listening to his ideas that actually resonated with me that I never heard anyone else ever articulate the way he did. I was hooked and listened to him almost everyday. I would take my lunch so that I could listen to his show in my car. Got his newsletter for years. Read his books, etc. He made me realize that it was OK to be a conservative and helped me better understand and debate my positions with others. He was a true legend who can never be replaced and was a man who many followed in his footsteps as he helped build talk radio. He was a voice of reason, comfort, and optimism over the years in both the good times and the bad times. When certain events would happen, I couldn't wait to hear Rush's take the next day. Going to miss his wisdom...


Jan 22, 2021
Rush has many fan's, friends and follower's both in Heaven and on Earth. May his legacy always live on in the hearts and minds of many 🙏
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