"Russian Expert Ivanov: Russia And China Are More Than 'Friends With Benefits' – They Share The Same View For A 'New World Order,' ..."

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Mar 5, 2021
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According to Ivanov, Russia and China are partners and can help each other to "overcome" Western sanctions, stating: "We can ensure our security and prosperity if we work together. If we are separated we will make it possible for the West to impose its will on us. The West does not need powerful rivals that will cast doubt on its supremacy." He added that Western pressure on Russia and China has pulled the two countries together, as "Beijing and Moscow understood that they should unite their efforts to resist this pressure from the West."

Ivanov explained that "some voices from the West" think that China and Russia are only "friends with benefits, but that the two countries are more than that, since they share the same position on what the world should be like – that is, "a world moving toward multipolarity" that challenges the West's unipolarity.


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