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New Member
Feb 24, 2021
I was a DI full ride women’s basketball player, my oldest daughter plays college soccer and I am now very concerned about the encroachment on my youngest daughters opportunities in sport. Some critical aspects being overlooked in your conversation surrounding women athletes aren’t only the scholarship opportunities- it’s much larger then that.

Female athletes have higher confidence, self esteem, tend to abstain from self destructive behaviors regarding drugs and alcohol, higher GPAs....

As a student athlete regardless of your athletic skill set you learn time management, communication, problem solving and team work.

these skills transfer over into the workforce where many female CEO’s and leadership positions credit their experience as student athletes for creating the foundation for their achievement in their professional roles.

Every roster spot or position that is stolen from a young girl/woman by someone “identifying” as such; is a stolen opportunity to produce our next generation of strong female leaders.


New Member
Feb 28, 2021
Obesity is now a major public health problem in the US. Discouraging half of the students from competitive sports is as stupid as sending COVID positive patients to nursing homes.

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