Scarborough FREAKS OUT on "Stupid" Americans Against "Vaccine Passports"

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019

You already knew how the mainstream media elites felt about you... now they are just saying it out loud.

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Joe Scarbrough is nothing more than an empty vessel for Satan. Further on in the conversation, beyond what is shown in this clip, he has the audacity to take scripture verses out of context, twisting them in an effort to try to manipulate and shame Christians into taking the vaccine. Sorry, Joe, it won't work. Most Christians understand that Satan knows scripture well, as evidenced in Mt. 4, where he tries to tempt Jesus in the wilderness.


Why are we not having mass anti mask and distancing (and eventually lockdowns again), As they had allover Europe last weekend!? This garbage HAS to end!

I don't wear a mask often, only in stores in a neighboring (blue) state where they have someone checking for them at the door. I don't wear them at all in the (red) state where we live. Nobody cares or says anything if you don't have a mask on, so most people don't wear them.

When I heard about the vaccine passports yesterday, it made me so mad I decided I am done with masks and refuse to wear them anywhere. This stuff has to stop, and it stops with us just saying NO!



I would recommend to those three hypocrites to take the Bill Gate’s vaccine! They’ll, probably, be dead in an hour, but we’ll make sure that their passports get filled out! 😉
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Dip Stick

Senior Member
Jan 9, 2021
Unfortunately yes😩why ..why I ask ,must Bannon torture us with those clips😫 ok I get it... to make us stronger😉
Everytime That I'm Subjected to Those Confused People Ranting, I Grab the Phone and Order More Giza Dream Sheets, My Pillows, Down Comforers, Mattress Toppers and Get Comfortable! 🙂 Can Get A Little Expensive Tho, But Going to Great Cause! 😀

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