Schools not daycare, social services centers

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New Member
Mar 24, 2021
Watching just now. I am a retired classroom teacher and it frankly infuriates me when I hear people say: we need the schools open to feed kids, to provide heat, safety, security, daycare, counseling, on & on. That’s BS and exactly what is wrong with our schools. Why our reading, math & science scores fall far behind many other countries. I did not get my teaching credential to babysit, provide heat for kids who have parents not doing their job!! THIS IS A CRITICAL SOCIETAL ISSUE THAT UNTIL WE FIX, WILL ONLY GET WORSE!
It is the PARENTS responsibility to provide all of these basic services for THEIR OWN CHILDREN, not schools. Parents need to start parenting! Again, kids will be illiterate if schools have to spend the majority of their time providing basics, not educating students!!
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