Selections and Detention Camps in Israel

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New Member
Mar 1, 2021
I follow a writer named Chananya Weissman in Israel and this is from his email last week.

Folks, this needs to go viral. Please send this to everyone. We need to expose what is really going on and blow the doors off this atrocity once and for all.
Below is personal testimony from an Israeli Jew who recently returned to Israel from a business trip. His mother was a survivor, so all those who deny people the right to make Holocaust comparisons had best be quiet.
I spoke with him on the phone and this brave man gave me permission to share it with his name and his Facebook page. He is currently still being held captive in a detention center cynically referred to by the authorities as a hotel.

Videos of these places are starting to come out as well. This is only the beginning if it doesn't stop now.
Lawyers, do your lawyer stuff. People inside the system, start blowing your whistles. Reporters, start really reporting. Doctors and nurses, band together and go on strike. Police officers, band together and refuse these immoral orders. Regular people, protest like hell.
English translation follows the original Hebrew.

I have attached the email for those that can read the message in Hebrew. There is a facebook link to the man with the personal testimony in the email.

Unbelievably dystopian times we are living in.


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Well-known Member
Jan 29, 2021
Portland, Oregon
Western civilization and Judeo-Christian values are coming under attack. From everyone. Don’t listen to the noise.

Wait... are you telling me Netanyahu is a bad guy? Already knew it.

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