Senate should be selected by the State Legislature.

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Sweat Potato

New Member
Mar 4, 2021
Hello, I just wanted to note that back in the beginning of our Republic the State Legislature selected the Senators. This was done so that the States would also have representation in Congress. However, now we have passed that authority on to the Citizens and thus have created a Supper - Representative. So the people have to Reps and the States none. I think the current situation in Washington and lack of leadership is a sign that that decision was wrong. Now at this critical time - What can the States Legislature do to oppose some of these laws now being submitted. They are left to their own house as Washington goes bonkers.

Also - Standard Affiliation

Also, as we continue to re-organize be it by new social media platforms or taking back the Republican party ..... I would like to further submit that we consider pushing an agenda movement of our own. I propose that we start talking about - "Standard Affiliation". Standard Affiliation is the position that delineates the BASE LINE requirements needed for States to follow in order to be part of the United States (Union). So if States want to be part of the United States they have to pay taxes, support the common defense, etc. You all get that. However, Obama Care ..... Maybe the State of Florida does not want to participate in that program. Now because Obama Care is not a critical necessity for States in order to preserve the Union, this would be considered a Volunteer program. If the State of Florida did not want to participate in that program they could opt out. AND - Florida Citizens would not be TAX for that program as well. Thus States could select the base line threshold level of additional Federal governance they are willing to tolerate.

I think this would work well for States like Texas who are now considering an all-in / all-out proposition. The States represent 50 democratic pea-tree dishes by which to learn Governing, and I believe this would allow the people in those states to truly chart the future course of their own lives if given the Liberty to do so.

Please consider the concept of "Standard Affiliation" as it would be and excellent counter move to Current Leftist agenda. It would fit well with soothing our Texas brothers from Texit as well as help position our brothers in Oregon who wish to succeed to Idaho. We need our own - Reset agenda ( Wash / Rinse / Repeat ), and I think Standard Affiliation could fit that bill.

Best Regards - Sweat Potato
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Psalm 27

Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
You have just hit on one of the three things passed in the year 1913 that set the groundwork for the eventual Marxist take over we are witnessing now. One Act of Congress, The Federal Reserve Act, which created a central bank under the pretext of stabilizing the banking system. It actually opened up our banking system to globalist control. Second was the Income tax Amendment which was the exact mirror of the second plank of he Communist Manifesto. It called for a graduated income tax in order to keep the Federal Reserve Banks continually funded, and last but not least was the 17th Amendment which changed the appointment of Senators by State legislators to a system of a popular election by all the citizens of the State. That made it a lot easier to manipulate the candidates for the Senate. The more people involved the more opportunity to pass money around and buy a weak character. Witness Joseph Robinette Biden! How many people in this country have actually researched the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment or the 17th Amendment. How many people even know of the existence of a set of Government books titled "The Congressional Record", what's in it and how to use it. 1913 consists of four volumes, two for the House of Representatives, Session 1 and Session 2 and two Sessions for the Senate.
Every slave master down through history discouraged their slaves from reading. They knew that once the slave learned how to read it was only a matter of time before he would be able to reason out the truth of the situation that he was being forced to endure and that would awaken in him the God given longing for freedom. Think of todays' world. What are you listening to? What are you reading? Does it build your mind up in freedom or does it tear your mind down in fear.
The "Standard Affiliation" concept runs pretty close to the idea of "Sanctuary Cities", "Sanctuary Counties", " 'Sanctuary States". The U.S. Constitution only allows the Federal Government jurisdiction over certain subjects. If a State feels that it can better manage a subject that is not explicitly assigned to the Federal Government in the Constitution, then the State should be able to claim "sanctuary" from federal intrusion, pursue the "Standard Affiliation" agenda, withhold the amount of money that it would take to fund the subject and move on from there. That would clear up a lot of these Unconstitutional Executive Orders that smell an awful lot like the edicts of a king. Definitely something to think about, while we are working to remove the illegitimate administration of the illicit usurper that is being led around in our White House.

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