SHOCKING VIDEO: Cartel Kidnaps Migrants Threatens to Murder Over Ransom

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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
The Biden administration is funding the cartels by enabling this invasion of migrants. Human trafficking is a cartel operation and now the Biden Administration is working hand in hand with these criminal groups.

MATAMOROS, Mexico — The men knelt on the floor side by side, heads down, hands behind their backs, while a man with his face covered waved a gun wildly in their faces. “Call her,” the man with the gun instructed one of them. “On speakerphone.”

“Listen, honey,” the man frantically said when his wife picked up, before the man with the gun snatched the phone away.

“I have your husband and his friend,” he snarled. “I want you to make a deposit for $4,000. I’ll send you the account number. If you don’t do it, I’ll kill him.”

VICE World News has obtained footage of this kidnapping, which shows two political asylum seekers from Cuba pleading for their lives as kidnappers in Mexico repeatedly threaten to kill them if their family members don’t pay a ransom. The video gives a rare look at the brutality of the migrant kidnapping crisis in Mexico, where thousands of people are victimized every year.


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