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Feb 19, 2021
Sidney Powell on
Ann Vandersteel host
Feb 26, 2021 Episode
Begins @ 31:48 min mark

I transcribed this interview because I thought it was important, as I feel Sidney speak for all of us. There may be typos, incorrect punctuation, etc. Deal with it. ;) I put minute marks in the body of the text for reference.

I believe we owe Patrick Byrne, along with Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell and Jovan Pulitzer and others working with them a debt of gratitude for all the monies personally spent, and what they have gone through, including putting themselves and their families in harms way - not to mention the destruction of their professional careers. These are people that love their country. And they are STILL fighting for us!

Still working on the election fraud issues, which are still rampant. And most important because we cannot allow a coup to happen in the United States of America. We are now looking at the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s failure to grant certiorari in the cases that were pending before it last week. We still have a couple of cases pending there for two more states. But, frankly I’m not expecting a different result on that either. It’s clear me the language that the court used, even in Justice Thomas’ descent, also Gorsuch and Alito that the court really doesn’t want to “play” the role here that I believe the rule of law REQUIRES. We have to remember that each of our three branches has an important role to play in ensuring the integrity not only of the election, but of the functioning of the Republic.

Some people say, “oh, well, the Constitutional process played out.” There’s more to process than the Constitution! There’s SUBSTANCE in the Constitution.
The fact that the process may have been followed does NOT mean that the substance was respected, and the rule of law was applied. Because it ABSOLUTELY was not! And for the highest court in this country to abdicate it’s responsibility to decide the most important issue of THIS CENTURY, to arise before the court is nothing short of appalling and terrifying.

(Ann talks about Lt. Scott Bennett’s effort in taking back the country - Sidney is aware of him but not what he’s involved in.) SIDE NOTE: There is another thread in this discussion forum on how to get involved with your own local/state officials using Bennett's plan. He has compiled a pdf document you can download to a thumb drive and drop off, along with a form letter that substantiates "they've been served." He has included Sidney Powell's work, Mike Lindell and other's investigative works.

Sidney: There’s a lot that people can do to bring to the attention of public officials. There’s much more published on our website, as attachments to our Supreme Ct filings. And on my website, there are more legal documents and transcripts, along with affidavits we presented to district courts, but they ignored them. And, now, the Supreme Court has ignored that evidence, as well.

Anybody who is saying there is no evidence is either willfully blind to deliberately ignorant or simply lying. There is no way anyone can say there is no evidence of massive election deceit. It is the most widespread criminal conspiracy in the history of the Republic, AND IT WAS INTERNATIONAL. I stand by all my original statements that there was an international cyber operation against the United States of America and multi-levels of various forms of deceit that altered the election - choOsing Biden over Trump - NOT BY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. That is EXACTLY the situation the Supreme Court should confront directly and reverse the effects of the election. People say in the dissent, “oh, they seek unprecedented relief in their pleadings. Well, yes, because allowing a coup of the United States by foreign influence and official hacking in a cyber attack is itself unpresedented.

We cannot allow the government of the United States of America, the greatest country in the world, the beacon of freedom to the entire world, to be taken over by what amounts to be a fascist coup.

(Sidney has received messages from all over the world - including Iran. They all see it. It’s happened all over the world, probably with the assistance of the CIA) There’s no telling how much our agents, rogue or otherwise in our government had to do with this. There’s more than one witness that has told me there’s CIA involvement in this coup.

Ann: Why do you think the Biden regime was so upset when the military went in and took over Myanmar and declared there was fraud? (40:13)

Sidney: Because they were concerned the military here would actually do that. The military was essentially the patriot’s last hope of enforcing the rule of law and the Constitution here. Frankly, the fascist left has infiltrated our military so much I don’t see any ability to expect that it will do anything differently, either. At some point some court, some Article 3 judge, who was given the power of a lifetime appointment for the very purpose of enforcing the law regardless of the consequences and the political pressure - there’s got to be an Article 3 judge in this country with enough integrity to actually hold a hearing and look at the evidence.

I understand today, a judge in Arizona ordered the enforcement of the subpoena issued against Maricopa county and ordered the production of the 2.1 million actual paper ballots. That production is going to show massive deceit. There’s no doubt about it. What we really need are the envelopes everywhere for every purported mail in ballot. That’s going to reveal hundreds of thousands of counterfeit ballots, all kinds of election fraud irregularities and violations from the situation in Atlanta where there were pulling suitcases full of ballots out from under the table all of which are neatly stacked and collated so they look like they’ve never been ruffled, much less mailed anywhere. They were repeatedly run through the same machine (caught on video tape) multiple times. And, oh by the way, that just happens to correlate to a spike in over a 100,000 votes ALL for Biden, after the counting was supposed to stopped. The officials there lied to the people in the arena and said the counting was over. There’s every indication of criminal conduct there that NO official has investigated as best we can tell. And, certainly NO ONE has been prosecuted in complete and total defiance of the law!

Ann: (46:22) We see a path to victory with N. Dakota and Oklahoma passing bills saying we don’t want to swallow everyone of these executive orders - we’re going to look at the constitutionality of it. So, we’re seeing the push back happen…AZ and Michigan seem to be standing up, too. What are the marching orders…do other states need to stand up and follow what AZ and Michigan are doing now in terms of their election fraud approach?

Sidney: The states need to be doing everything they possibly can to protect our individual rights on which this country was founded. And, those individual rights often exist in the state constitutions. But, they need to protect our individual our individual rights in the federal constitution, as well.

Citizens are going to have to get involved everywhere they can now. There is no more sitting on the sideline because we’re too busy raising our children, or working or doing all the things that are expected of us as good citizens. We have to get involved at the local level, at the county level, your city, town, state, wherever. You must get out and make your voice heard…Go to the county commissioner’s meeting and make your voices heard.
Whether it’s (concerning the health issues with wearing masks or) that you don’t want machine votes from any company in the next election. We must return to paper ballots and actual counting of the paper ballots, a limited time period for voting, and voter ID if we’re going to have any voter integrity.

What the Dems are planning on doing is flooding the country again with illegal aliens - they’re also trying to change the statute so it doesn’t read illegal aliens anymore although that’s been a federal statute for a term for decades. There’s nothing wrong with it. We’re considered aliens when we go to another country. That’s just the term that’s used. They’re going to flood us with more people who vote for more government, more hand outs, to bankrupt the country; destroy the middle class; to make us more and more dependent on the government itself and give themselves MORE power and more opportunity to rob and bankrupt the country. Which is essentially what the globalists have done over the last 3 or 4 decades. They have bankrupted us with our own debt and public policies that have led to utter destruction of the greatness, power and sovereignty of this country.

That’s what Donald Trump set out to change by putting America first instead of all these global interests. One of the things I really want people to do is watch the HBO documentary called “Killchain.” It was released in March, 2020, It’s the Democrats talking about the rigged voting machines. It is so important to watch that documentary because now they want to wipe this discussion completely away. They have fought…to keep us from examining any of the voting machines or getting access to the actual ballots themselves, or getting access to the envelopes…There were hundreds of thousands of votes put in the postal system, hundreds of thousands of votes missing…everything you can think of to commit this fraud to protect the global elite to increase their power and wealth. IT’S REALLY THE ELITES VS. WE THE PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTY!

Also go to Defending the Republic Org which should be live in a week. It allows the people to have a super pac that represents their interest…

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT TRUMP CALL OUT EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED here for what it was. This election was rigged. Patrick Byrne has a new book out, The Deep Rig, that explains a lot of it and things he witnessed first hand. I certainly lived some of it with him, and I know what an important story it is. No one else can tell it like Patrick has told it. Only $4.00 on Amazon, which eliminated part of the title in the listing because it contains the words “election fraud”. That is pure fascist at it’s worst.

If these people had not done what we say they did, they would WELCOME a full investigation. Everything we are saying with the election results could be completely defused key election results within 6 key cities - that would have taken two weeks if we’d done it after the election, whether looking at machines or actual ballots. It could have all been resolved in a truthful, transparent way.

FEDERAL LAW requires to maintain ALL voting records all pieces of paper, all electronic documentation, everything for 22 months for the very reason that American elections are supposed to be THE MOST transparent, that’s the only way to insure to the public that our rule of law is being protected and the one citizen, one vote counts exactly that way. The Supreme Court has held that much in almost those exact words.

Here, we had a fractionalization of the votes, which even the machine companies reveal in their manuals it can accomplish. With Biden votes weighted 1.26% and Trump’s votes weighted at about 3/4’s of a vote. IT IS COMPLETE DEFIANCE of everything we’re supposed to have in our voting system. Flat out illegal and flat out FRAUD in spades!

Going to work independently of any campaigns and launch our own campaigns and focus on certain issues what we the people WANT. Grassroots in every state. The org is a C-4 is working on litigation right now we have several cases in the works that haven’t been filed, yet, but will be filed soon. We will NOT quit. We intend to expose every bit of the fraud wherever we can find it across the country. The American people have a right to know which people were properly elected and which weren’t . The reason we are getting so much push back is because #1) we’re right AND #2) it crosses party lines. Our PAC is going to take on the issues regardless of the party of the people who are implicated in the misconduct whether it be knowing or unknowing a their part. Because there are Republican state officials that are implicated in this in some places and in some places there are Democrats. I don’t care which party it is, the American people are 100% fed up with the corruption in our government at every single level and we are going to start fighting back tooth and nail.

ANN, 57:54) Why do you think he (Trump) chose not to listen to this evidence and take the advice of attorneys that aren’t even election attorneys, like Pat Cipollone.

Sidney: I wish I knew, Ann. It will mystify me until he tells me the answer himself. Because all the power and reason was there to do what should have been done to get to the truth And no branch of government, not a single one including the DOJ was willing to deal with it the way they would enforce the law in any other circumstance. Certainly not the way the law would have been enforced were it the Dems who found themselves in that situation. 58:37) It’s completely unacceptable - we’re witnessing a total institutional failure of every branch of our government to deal with the most destructive crisis of the century if not The Republic.

Look at the military occupation we are witnessing in DC to protect the political class that got us in this mess to begin with, while they’ve opened the border to illegal aliens, COVID, you name it, coming across the border with almost no regard for the American citizens themselves…the toll it’s going to take on our infrastructure when those people come in.

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