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New Member
Mar 3, 2021
CCP virus - got it
CDC & WHO misinformation - got it
US and Global stats - got it
Social media connection to many hosts and book sales - got it
There are so many questions that have yet to be addressed.
For the record - I am - 100% America First.
Warp Speed provided rapid vaccines to the world - what is the signal versus the noise?
Warp Speed provided the distribution of unprecedented vaccine availability stateside as well as across the world - what has been the outcome?
Warp Speed provided vaccines that have potentially - negatively impacted many across the globe - what is the signal versus the noise?
You brought forward evidence that the CCP is responsible; however, you have not brought evidence of others more responsible. Signal versus Noise
What is happening across the globe? - The US is not in a protected bubble. What is the signal versus the noise?
When Warp Speed turns out to be noise and the facts/signals come in - what then will be your commentary? You owe us more signal and less noise.

You owe

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