Silence, no truth allowed

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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
If you have ever been considered guilty of something that you were not guilty of, but never had a chance to prove it, then you know how it can affect you and your thinking in regards to being innocent until proven guilty. It seems that statement should actually read, "guilty until proven innocent"? It makes more sense really, because if you think about it, anyone can tell a lie about you or I, and these days you or I would have to prove that whatever it is, was not true, that we were not guilty. This can be one of the most aggravating situations that we will ever face, especially if whoever it is that told a lie about us, doesn't have to prove their lie. This is exactly what we see going on with democrats/the left and Pres. Trump. Hec, this is exactly whats being done to many American citizens every time someone in congress says something like "the people have spoken , or "this is what Americans want", and in reality ,they have no clue of what we want, and many times we never even had a say in the matter. Not only is it extremely important that we have our chance to be heard, but its even more important for the truth to be known. It should be Obvious to everyone that, if person A says person B is guilty of something, and then person A tries to keep person B from proving they are not guilty, then person A is almost certainly a liar! Why would anyone who was telling the truth about anything want to silence anyone? I mean if you are telling the truth then what is there to worry about? This should be screaming out loud to all of us in regards to congress and the media's process they have used to make Trump look guilty. They want to silence everyone that doesn't go along with their lies. One thing is certain, liars hate the Truth ! The Truth really does set us Free!

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