"Silence the Patriot Act"

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
this is too funny not to start a thread:

why does congress do nothing but have "investigations" for show, but have no enforcement powers? I see why Trey quit.

Why are they unable to pass budget for months at a time?

they are too busy writing their 1000 page wish list to control all of us...and build their bridges to nowhere.

Idea here: NEW LAW, not just term limits, but PAGE limits.
each Act, each LAW must have ONE purpose LIMITATION of subject requirement......IN LAW.

in other words, covid relief should have been just that, no bridges no hush money for federal workers WHO DID NOT suffer any job loss....etc.

special places in hell for the Shummer's of the world.
you too Nanlow-C...be sure, your sin will find you out!

cancelling all right wing thought....the patriot act....should have been called the "Silence the Patriots Act."

oh...good one. can I like myself for that....
nah, they'd just try to impeach me.

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