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Jan 21, 2021
Video of capitol police letting protestors into the capital building. Democrats say Trump incited a riot. Pelosi impeached Trump with no proof, testimony or opportunity for Trump to defend himself.

They go all around America arresting folks who entered the Capitol. Many folks who went in were outed and lost their jobs. An innocent unarmed veteran is gunned down in cold blood. They arrest antifa folks who caused most of the damage. Video footage now shows antifa escorted in and getting pictures done acting like Trump supporters.

Now, the DOJ may not charge most of them because it would be a minor charge of trespass.
If the police let them in, how is that trespass? Did antifa who got pulled in and arrested threaten to squeal, so dems can cover their tracks? What happened to the man who shot the unarmed women in cold blood?

If the charges are dropped, then why is the impeachment trial happening?

The corruption and power to target folks at will reminds me of the civil rights movement. Simply put, the democrat party truly has not changed a bit.
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