Soldiers Didn't Salute and Many Turned their Backs on Biden's Motorcade Today...

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Vicki Stromlund

Well-known Member
Jan 9, 2021
Citrus Heights, CA
Who can blame them? They remember scavenging for spare parts during the Obama/Biden years, and having their hands tied when it came to doing their jobs! If that wasn't enough, Biden just had them all vetted, in case they wanted to kill him during the sham today. That's about all the insults I'd need too!

Jan 11, 2021
I dont understand why our government did not prove to the voters one way or another that the machines were rt or wrong. I will always feel we all got ripped off without that.
Exactly. After this blatant crime against our rights as Americans to vote in a free and fair election Why would any of us participate in any further political election? There's no point. We should all refuse to pay taxes. No taxation without representation. And our vote was NOT represented. Every American was disenfranchised.


New Member
Jan 14, 2021
That was enormously satisfying. May God bless and protect our troops from our domestic terrorists.
Noone wants to believe this more than I me. but as I said.. I don't believe s*** stinks w/o proof anymore. so.. how do we know this is bejing joes motorcade..not like he'd post it.. and do we know there isn't another reason..some are standing at attention.. does not saluting have something to do with them being outside and on guard? I know there are all kinds of rules about saluting.. the ones with their backs turned? were they told to keep watch across the street? I don't know.. just a little suspicious of this being labelled the view from traitor joes motorcade.


New Member
Jan 12, 2021

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