Some Ideas About The Border: God Help Us All

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Mar 18, 2021

The border crisis is offering an opportunity to open the eyes of some of the few people who actually did vote for Biden. However, we need good curated videos to share. These folks function on emotion and short videos are a good way to capture their attention. Please post these on Rumble so they can be shared individually and position them as human rights concerns - these people won’t watch something that mentions Trump or conservatives - to get them in the door, it needs to appear to come from a vague source that doesn’t have political connections (unless of course it comes from democrats - which is actually an idea - make it from a source that identifies as democrat 😊).

Some ideas for Bannon’s team:

1. Do a mashup video of the border situation (including the hotel costs, what these people receive monetarily when they get here, etc.) against scenes from urban homelessness. Leftists see inner city homelessness as the crisis it is and showing that we are now bringing illegal aliens in for extra financial burden will make them start to question what is going on.

2. Do a full expose of the groups (NGO’s?) that are helping these illegals get to the US - include the commercials they are running on CNN, the t-shirts, cell phones, etc.. These groups are breaking our laws and are funded by our tax dollars. Someone needs to compile exactly what they are doing so we can bring it to light.

3. Go hard on the COVID angle - show the hospitals, interview doctors, talk about the initial lack of testing (and the limited testing since not all are getting caught to be tested). My leftist friends are desperately worried about COVID (of course, they acted like I was crazy last December talking about it but by March, were suddenly militant). COVID could be the biggest trigger and downfall of the Biden regime. We need to use it.

4. Go with the closed schools/open borders theme....videos showing empty classrooms, the lady from LA’s protest groups, etc. vs. illegals just flooding in - bring in also how much it will cost to educate these children with special translators etc. (some of the clips from the interview earlier this week).

5. Do a financial cost analysis - how much we’re paying for the hotels for these people, what benefits they are eligible for, etc. against how many businesses have been forced to close (some of the video of business owners being arrested, etc. would be good)

Please do these quickly - they don’t need to be long but we need to get these out while the topic is hot. I saw this video recently and even something of its type would be very impactful:
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