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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
Here goes my first post on this site. Hope I dont break the rules, I'd hate to be "deprogrammed"!! I hope this will be the first of many posts, who knows?
Too many topics to cover so I will just start with the one on my mind right now. I am not the type of person that brags about themselves, however its nice to be right sometimes.
Back in 2017-2018 when Mueller was first inserted into the white house, I wrote up a post stating that He was there to keep an eye on Trump. Also, he was there to hide evidence, to continue a lie and to cover things up from Trump and the American People
I didn't realize how correct I was?
It sickens me to know that they all knew Trump was not guilty in the very beginning! That makes them very good actors and actresses. Because they sure put on a great show, with all the made up evidence and blame and constant harassment that still continues. Then we hear this week that the liar lawyer walks away with a mere 400 work hours for his part in starting one of the biggest scandal's in the history of this Country! I have no doubt he will get as he gave. To see the left just walk all over our laws and constitution just makes me question why have we let it get this far?

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