"Sometimes When the Doors are Locked, One Must Find a Window to Go Thru" & The Federal Register may be one of the windows---Help!

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Mar 16, 2021
For those of you who are into the research please help out as time is of the essence...Please bear with me for the explanation & possible use this may be put to.
My partner was a Federal employee (now retired) with a background in USDA food safety & was required to know State & Federal laws & guidelines for his line of work.
As a Regulatory Affairs Manager at a major food processor he became familiar with the Federal Register. He monitored it for federal legislation & also responded to it regarding proposed legislation as it would affect the corporation. Sometimes it resulted in his knowledge being used in court cases.
He is currently not up to date on the current rules, but while he continues to look into it, we wanted to get word out that it might be put to use in fighting the opposition.

1.)Once a proposed bill makes it through Committee & goes to the floor for a vote, if the bill is ratified by confirmation it is required to be put into the Federal Register for comment.

2.) The Federal Register (federalregister.gov) --gives anyone the right to comment on proposed legislation pro or con
Every individual has the right & opportunity to comment prior to these proposals going into law.

3.) These proposals are listed by number & can be looked up & commented on.

It is time for the American public to be brought up to speed in understanding how some of this process works, as we can no longer depend on the "professionals" to up hold our interests. Laws are being passed that go against the people & the public is unaware until it too late. Pass the good ones & fight against the bad ones. Those who can need to participate in this & make the others who don't spend enough time digging into it aware of how & what to do.
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