Spirit Airlines violates A.D.A. with impunity!

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Feb 6, 2021
YES. This behaviour MUST stop. This has to stop! It’s time to “move on” after “15 days to stop the spread” (in 2020), has lasted for over a year, now!

A 4-year old, autistic child is “kicked-off” a flight to Arkansas for being “maskless” with a Doctor’s exemption-note — father and son are stranded in Las Vegas. Spirit initially refused a refund, as well!

American Airlines, however, “stepped-up;” but last minute tickets cost ~$1000 to get them home, later (that) Monday evening! I submit, Spirit must: pay the difference, issue an apology and offer the family free, round-trip tickets to make up for this egregious behaviour!

The gig is up! The “lie” is over. Time to return to “some” normal.

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