Standing with Senator Marjorie T. Greene

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‘PROTECT AMERICA FIRST ACT’ Proposed Bill by Senator Marjorie T. Greene

We EXPECT our Senators and Representatives to ‘CO-sponsor’ this new bill by Senator Marjorie T. Greene in order to protect our borders and country from the current and shameful onslaught of illegal aliens. Illegal aliens have left over one hundred (100) countries to journey to America and live on promised taxpayer funds and benefits. This cataclysmic siege is due to Joe Biden’s ‘open borders invitation’ to anyone and everyone about the American dream; which NEVER should have taken place. We are thirty !(30)! trillion$ in debt! We cannot afford to feed, clothe, and shelter the world; especially illegally!! Biden is destroying our country with criminals, terrorists, drug cartels, and gangs slipping through our borders from every which direction. CNN has decided to become the ‘travel agency’ for all these illegal entries into our country. CNN has produced drawings, maps, and guides to give to these illegal travelers for the best and safest routes to take for their journeys to America’s open borders! This is a slap in the face to all the foreigners who have entered our country through the legal process that is in place. Some of these people are still not citizens, due to the waiting period for actual citizenship. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BY CO-SPONSORING THIS BILL! We are counting on you to STEP UP!


Active Member
Feb 11, 2021
We need more like her! No wonder they would love to expel
her. However, she was elected by a majority of voters who
want a voice.
If House Dems can expel whoever they don’t
like, we should hear their glass house shattering. Den of vipers!!


New Member
Feb 25, 2021
I think MTG is such a great fighter who knows what she' talking about. I love her courage. Her passion for the truth has motivated me to donate $$ to her cause of holding Dems and republicans accountable. I'm also going to call Republicans to stand with her to get her legislation passed - HR 1883. This supports funding the police & local police can help Ice, building the wall, defunding sanctuary cities, and repeals some of Bidens' executive orders.
If you want to call to encourage the Republicans in Washington to stand with her and support this bill the # is 202-224-3121. You will get a live operator so be ready with the names of congressman you want to speak to. We need people like Marjorie Taylor Greene in Washington to fight for us.
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Psalm 27

Well-known Member
Feb 13, 2021
I saw Marjorie on the Warroom and she seems like the kind of person I'd like to have on my 6 in a tight spot. I just recently started as a Precinct Committeeman down here in District one in Florida, I called Matt Gaetz my Rep. and asked him to back her on that Bill. He might be already signed up, I don't know. But if he isn't I'm gonna want to know why not. I'm also going to try to contact her Precinct Committee in the 14th District of Georgia to see if we can't be of some help down here in Florida. We're only one state away.
Everything she has in that bill is something this country needs right away and by the way the Progressive Socialists are freakin' out, you know she's gut punchin'em, makin'em wet their pants.
The fact is, the Bill might not have a prayer with nutty Nancy in charge, but at least we can get their vote on the record and hit'em over the head with it in 22'. At least MTG knows we are all behind her;)(y) MAGA.
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