Steve Bannon, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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New Member
Feb 3, 2021
You had Darren Beattie on War Room who talked about how previously our expectations of government institutions were illusions, and that now, these institutions [including the House and Senate] are using overt control mechanisms. You agreed,

and yet ...

You think Trump would be allowed to make a case for election fraud on the floor of the Senate?

Think about your expectations here.

They, of the globalist tribe, are NOT going to let that happen.

You think that the globalists who strategized to turn a peaceful protest into an "insurrection" to avoid having election fraud evidence come out are going to just let evidence come out in the Senate trial?

You are more capable than this.

Consider that if Trump or anyone started to present a case for election fraud, then the powers that be would most likely have the person arrested. They are claiming insurrection and treason and this is a high enough bar to assert their control to take out an enemy of the government.

There is NO WAY, after ALL the suppression that has gone on, that the globalists are going to let it come out in the Senate trial.
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