Stop the Insanity! “Hollywood’s” double-standards @2021 Grammy’s

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Feb 6, 2021
We were still under a mask-mandate (last night) in Los Angeles, where violations can carry a $1,000 fine or 6 months in jail — but apparently COVID-19 isn’t a concern, if you’re a celebrity at the 2021 Grammy’s!

Celebrity parties are okay, but if one has a family party in L.A., the mayor can turn off your power! “They” party, while “we” lose our businesses & jobs. These are the rules we accept in SoCal under the guidance of our “DEAR LEADERS”: Mayor Garcetti and Governor Newsome.

Even now, LA County is shutting-off the power of the Burbank-business, Tin Horn Flats — one of many, that have dared to try and save their business by staying open. Meanwhile, celebrities threw parties (last night) in primetime with NO masks on the red carpet, for ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!

Welcome to Joe Biden’s “rules for THEE not for ME, ‘America.’”

NEVER GIVE UP! Never surrender! Never bend the knee! Unveil the BIG LIE. Reveal THE STEAL and REVERSE “THEIR COUP!”

...disgusting! This is NOT the America, I have served!

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