strategy for every state: 7 fold plan. Imput? Ideas?

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
1. get involved with "saturday signings". Anyone can collect signatures. We use home depot parking lots.

2. buy yourself a portable table and set it up with 3 large signs. SAYING.... REFUND RECALL REFORM

3. check with state party leaders and have legal petition forms for each issue. Ask for Driver ID of each signer and have 2 witnesses initial each signer. (with witnesses checking picture and signature at time of signing, they cannot discount the signer as easily),( which they did in Oregon when the gov-ignorant was recalled. they just declared the sigs invalid).

4. REFUND petition, shall the state refund to property owner the school portion of those bills (if the school was closed and teachers did not teach) this will draw in signers.

5. RECALL petitions, for any gov-ignor or official who rewrote election law, or judge who declared "no standing"
no standing only applies when no case law or precedence applies. After Gore, no-standing claim is moot.

6. REFORM: Voter petitioning state legislators to make voter reform their number 1 priority; or in referendum states, petiton to return to paper, in person, voter photo ID requirements, and machine monitors. to go on the ballot ASAP.

7. funding and immediate voting and counting machine reform must be a priority, independent testing, American made, counted in America, no internet access, no USB port machines only. etc.


Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
so any ideas beyond this?
example: half off all positions are unfilled within each state.
run for school boards, county commisioner seats, every day more seat are becoming available,

so, for one, even if you apply for a appointment seat....and fill in for a while only, you will help, and learn government, and what you might be suited for.
People are ready for change.
retirees need to unretire. Service to people IS service to God.
No greater love, than to lay down your (comfy) life, for your brethren.

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