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Citizen X

Staff Member
Dec 2, 2019
We invite you to submit news to our community of Deplorables.

You can submit a news story from another website, image(s) with a write-up, Tweets/Parler or Videos that are newsworthy.

How to format your news submission?

: Please use a descriptive title with proper formatting.

Example: "Film Crew Releases Never Before Seen Footage of 2017 Inauguration Riots"

MAIN CONTENT: If you are sharing a news story from another website you will want to copy some of the text (up to 50%), include images (you can copy and paste direct into our editor) and then provide a LINK from source at the bottom. Our editor will automatically convert this link to a nice looking embed backlink.



EXCLUSIVE – Film Crew Releases Never Before Seen Footage of 2017 Inauguration Riots

Chicago, Illinois – Documentary film crew releases dramatic, never before seen footage of the 2017 Inauguration riots. The footage was gathered as part of an ongoing documentary about the fight for dominance playing out between establishment and independent news organizations.

The shocking footage exposes a coordinated attack on the 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump. Highlights include anarchists preparing for violent clashes with police (10:22), violent attacks on attendees (2:08), destruction of property (9:50), and the physical premeditated blockades that succeed in preventing voters from attending the Presidential Inauguration (3:29).

Additional highlights include interviews with blockade organizers Code Pink and Disrupt J20, whose stated goal was to “shut this inauguration down.”

MODERATION: We review each news submission to make sure it is not spam and newsworthy. We get a lot of submissions per day, so please be patient if you submit something. Not all submissions will get published. The goal is to try and keep the information being shared relevant to everyone and not just a big mess. Remember, we want to be ALL SIGNAL and NO NOISE.

COMMENT ON NEWS: Please chime in on a news thread and provide your thoughts and/or additional information. Reply back to any news thread once it is published. We encourage you to share a news thread on other social channels, via e-mail to others, etc. The more public and uncensored discourse the better.

EVERYTHING ELSE: If you have a general comment, question, meme, etc. please use the War Room Discussions section of the forum. There are a lot of Deplorables who patriciate in this section of the forum daily and it is great for on-going discussions.

Have feedback on anything above? Please feel free to CONTACT US.
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