Susan Rice is running the show…

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Citizen X

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Dec 2, 2019

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell believes that the person calling the shots in the White House is not the president or vice president, but rather, Susan Rice.

The former Obama national security adviser is now the White House Domestic Policy Council director and Grenell called that “a joke.”

"Look, I’ve said it before but I think it’s worth repeating...she’s been given a portfolio as to domestic policy. We all know that that’s a joke," he said Monday on Fox News.

Though she lacks experience in domestic policy, “she’s run the national security portfolio and certainly has run the U.N. portfolio," Grenell said.

"She knows the State Department and certainly wants to be the secretary of state," he added, "so there’s no question that she’s running domestic and foreign policy."

He said she is likely thrilled that Harris will be "preoccupied" with Senate matters as the deciding vote in a 50-50 upper chamber.

"So Susan Rice is extremely excited that Vice President Harris is preoccupied in the Senate and the shadow presidency of Susan Rice is front and center," he said. "There’s no question about that."

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Jan 10, 2021
If I were to DIE TODAY.....and had about an hour to speak.....part of my ending mantra would be.....just HOW PURELY EVIL....the Democrats really are....AND.....I would remind the circle of whomever surrounding el....THAT EVIL will NOT WIN.... LIGHT WINS OVER DARKNESS..... TRUTH WINS OVER LIES....and GOD WINS over I think about it....its kinda sad that I would EVEN WANT to spout this my last hours on planet all HONESTY......THIS THIS THIS is how UPSETTING the whole DAMN ELECTION HAS been to my heart......ITS NOT just say...' oh, time'........I want the damn world to just STOP.....and I'd like the RIGHTFUL WINNER seated at the THAT TOOOOO MUCH to ask in AMERICA...these days......evidently so..........(sulk)

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