SWAMP POWER, Bill Barr and John Durham

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New Member
Dec 24, 2020
I work a lot and have a busy life so i don't have time to fallow all the GREAT shows, podcasts and amazing Patriot participants, Correct me if I am wrong, But i have not heard ONE, not even the genius Steve Bannon or incredible Raheem Kassam, discuss the Truth to Power, as for Bill Barr, and John Durham. These SwamP Alligators are ten times more powerful owning Comey, Clapper, Brennan, their "Civil Servants" and Wray and "cabal" of Team Anti-TrumP, Anti-America. With all the INFO and DIRT they have collected and gathered (AT OUR TIME AND EXPENSE). Barr and Durham are serving themselves as the Most Powerful Alligators in the SWAMP, by not putting these criminals in jail, They are ten times more powerful not doing the right thing, by having these TRAITORS in their "public trust", obviously a SWAMP POWER PLAY!

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