Taxation without representation...

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Mar 16, 2021
So here's another issue without a solution that's been raised by my partner: "Biden is spending all of our tax dollars."
How are we being represented? We're not.
Consider this: Are lobbyists more powerful than we the people?
Looks like it.
Nationally & locally. National can be seen on War Room & America's Voice.
Local not so easily. Local TV news media has it's restricted narrative, & one must go online for local truth telling.

One has to go to their local congressional site & look at what they're voting on. All this takes up a lot of time. So much to do otherwise in our daily lives, can't imagine doing this if I wasn't a senior. Not complaining, just reminding myself about all the soldiers who gave up their lives in all the wars and non-wars in service to their country.
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Feb 7, 2021
People act for themselves - OK
People act for others - OK
People act with others when they share being pissed off enough to get they butts up and get going - Critical Mass
Knowing others are also pissed off too adds to the Mass


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Feb 17, 2021
American midwest
Of course lobbyists have more power than the rest of us. What power do I have other than voting?

Oh yeah, I don't have that power anymore.

I've met a lobbyist. He's a friend of my brother. He lives outside D.C. and makes $700,000 a year. He's not a bad guy. His job is legal. He has a nice family. He goes to church.

But in some ways, he's the enemy, right? He represents a company, not you or me. He's making life better for four or five people at the top of a giant company. Those people are being represented. But not you or me. He isn't even being represented, and he's their representative.

This is why the colonists became violent in the 1700s, with small-town farmer John Adams leading the way. Violence was the only option. They were not being represented. They were being used and abused.

How long do we expect that kind of behavior to be tolerated? Push a person over and over, day after day, and see how long it takes for them to push back.
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