Teacher Exposes Shocking Retaliation After Speaking Out on Indoctrination

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Mar 17, 2021

Dear President Trump,

I have to ask -
if ‘they’ could silence you when you were officially the President,
corrupt the 2020 election with impunity,
imprison peaceful demonstrators treating them as terrorists,
label patriots and parents terrorists,
condemn Americans who question or refuse the vax,
spy on opposition candidates,
cavort with Chinese spies,
destroy our economy,
allow massive property destruction, theft and murder,
allow illegal entry into this country,
abandon Americans in Afghanistan,
and other evil atrocities without suffering any repercussions while skewering yourself, General Flynn and multitudes of other innocents, … and so much more …

Just what is left of this country and what can any honest person, such as yourself, do about it?

You couldn’t even prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Don’t get me wrong, I, and millions like me, are very appreciative of all that you did accomplish while you were in office and would love to see you return. But the likelihood of that seems minuscule in light of what or who is actually running this country.

If we could get you elected, you would have to fire every person in every department of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the Justice Department, and so on.

We would need to go back to the constitution before it was set aside in favor of the corporation of the U.S.. Otherwise, what’s the point? Nothing will change.

I know I am not the only one in America - or the world for that matter - who are fearing it is too late. Short of taking a wrecking ball to the pentagon, dismantling the Fed and Wall Street, shut down Twitter, Amazon, FaceBook, corrupt media, the education system that is brainwashing our children what can be done to Save America?

There is no confidence in the American people to even stand up for each other either.
Did you see:
• the woman get tazered for not wearing a mask while watching her son playing sports, or
• the man get tackled and arrested for wanting to address the school board about his daughter’s rape by a boy in a skirt in the girls bathroom, and
• the man being beaten to death in the street?
In each instance and many many more, people stood by and watched. No one ventured to help the victim.

Top that off with conservative commentators saying things like “it likely will be a woman who will lead the charge” to correct all this inequalities??? WTF???

Words and speeches are great for campaigning but NOTHING is being done to protect America from the nefarious deeds being done in broad daylight as well under the darkness of night.

Because America is failing, other Republics/Democracies are failing as well. Just look at Australia, England, Italy, etc..

When Kruschev said he would take over America without firing a shot, it appears prophetic in light of what has happened.

You did an incredible job while in office. But in the end, they were able to stop you and reverse all the good work you accomplished.

We love you Mr. President. We want you back but fear this country is too far gone.
What can you really do? Even some of your own people worked against you.

Please know your supporters, me included, wish you safety, peace, good health and happiness.


Mary Ellen
Once Proud American • Loyal Patriot • Frustrated Citizen

P.S. My email gets flooded with donation request for your campaign, will you answer this inquiry or will it just get trashed?
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