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New Member
Jan 1, 2021
I am really struggling to understand why there are conservatives at all levels of government who are not interested in exposing the fraud that took place during this election and in prosecuting it, as well as of course seeing that the rightful president is seated on January 20? We have state legislators, judges, and United States congressmanAnd senators who are not stepping up to the plate to do what anyone would logically expect them to do: support the rule of law and the voters they depend on for their political futures. I really don’t understand the reluctance. The evidence is so overwhelming at this point and is likely to become More compelling. I think that those who do step up to challenge this election will be conservative heroes in the future. Even if these politicians don’t like trump, surely the alternative is worse? Also, it doesn’t make sense to me just on a political level. Didn’t we just have an election where the president had these long coattails that helped conservatives get elected up and down the ballots? Did these conservative politicians observe a different election than I did? I feel like I am living in an alternative universe. My conservative friends are big Trump supporters, and I live in a relatively well off suburban area. All the conservatives are Trump supporters, as far as I can tell. Even the never Trumper‘s have become relatively positive about this president. No one can deny that it is a very successful movement, the Maga movement. Those politicians in my local area who have tried to distance themselves from Trump in the Past few election cycles have not been successful. What is motivating these people? If they are scared, what are they scared of? There’s anger on both sides. Is the Chinese communist party threatening people? Are they really worried about their physical safety? Has anyone done any reporting on this? Has anyone asked any of these politicians why they are not doing more to support the president or just the efforts generally to address these serious issues?

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