Ted Cruz Grills Buttigieg

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New Member
Jan 11, 2021
Buttigieg is a complete moron just like Biden and his whole administration is and to top it off they were elected through a fraudulent election and everybody knows it. Conservatives stand up to these idiots. This election is not over yet. People need to quit bitching and do something about it. Call your senators and representatives and voice are concern or better yet voice our demands. Make them accountable. Boycott Facebook, Twitter, Google. Let them drown in their own pool of ideologies and not let them take us with them. The time is now. We need to help drain the swamp. Better yet let’s drain the Washington “sht” hole.


Well-known Member
Jan 10, 2021
His Authority on this major construction is that he put good footpaths and lights on them in his home town....highly qualified to question the effect on the economy and lives of 50,000 people out of work....great start to the unification...
Mr Butthesd is no match to Cruz. Cruz has more intelligence in his pinkie finger yhan Buttheads whole body. Cruz, cew him up & spit this fool out!!
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Lady Patriot

Senior Member
Dec 30, 2020
Buttigieg + Biden + CANCELLING KEYSTONE PIPELINE = Solyndra 2.0 and 1,000’s of JOBS LOST…not to mention MILLION$ OF DOLLARS paid to their cronies….WONDER HOW THE UNION GUYS ARE FEELING right about now???
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