Term Limits Article V

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I took the following information from questions and answers on termlimits.com, and rewrote it in a summary form with some minor additions for this thread.

A 1995 Supreme Court decision (U.S. Term Limits v Thornton) declared that states could not “individually” impose term limits on their own federal delegation through state statute. HOWEVER, they may ‘collectively’ pass a term limits amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Article V of the Constitution allows, either, thirty-four (34) states at ‘convention’ or both chambers of Congress to propose constitutional amendments. Thirty-eight (38) states must ratify the proposal in order for it to be enshrined as law.

Term limits level the “seniority” playing field so that the balance of power is more equal to all states. Leadership positions will be based on merit INSTEAD of political favors and corruption. In addition, Congress becomes a more attractive career path, since climbing into leadership positions and getting a seat on committees will not be based on years of tenure. With term limits on members of Congress, more seats could be filled with experienced state and local legislators, as well as citizens from within the communities who could represent their constituents with real-world experience. It would be great if we could just vote the incumbent out. The reality is that congressional members have an insurmountable advantage of power and money that, virtually, guarantees a lifetime of re-elections. This needs to STOP and a Convention of States can make that happen! Lobbyists oppose term limits because they hate losing their investments in lawmakers. Career politicians, not term limits, have produced the world’s biggest bureaucracy in DC, which needs to be reformed by “We, the people”! 🇺🇸
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