Tesla Meets Trump Meets Q: Can Q See the Future? (C'mon! We're all thinking it!)

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Well-known Member
Jan 9, 2021
You and your writing are very respectable, full stop.

However, I think there is a growing awareness of the possibility (probability, actually) of Q being a psychological warfare operation (psy-op) to produce just that sense of calm and faith. To lull the populace to sleep.

I think that, even in battle, one should ideally have faith and be focused and calm. That's the whole Zen way of fearlessness. I don't remotely rise to that standard! But it is a fine ideal to strive for.

But IMHO, and again respectfully, only a counter-coup seems to have the capacity to counteract the crimes that are taking place in DC and anywhere electronic voting machines and crazy early-voting scams and non-monitoring are allowed. The counter coup should be military in scope, even if that means military directing citizens as part of battle. The 3 branches of government are beyond redemption at the moment.


Well-known Member
Jan 6, 2021
I'm still out on this. I have read all of this before. Q has a potential to be either psyop or a intelligence operaton.
I always say It doesn't matter until it does. No one really knows.
I do however think Tesla was a genius and he unlocked the vibration of our beings.
Man/science can only prove Gods laws of nature.
Our brains are limited in this world.

I don't not believe anything anymore.
Ancient Satanic rituals, aliens, flat earth, sumarium sasquatch, cern unlocking portals, Q, Fallen Angels, nephilim...

Prove me wrong, prove me right.

We shall have to wait and see.

My advice is love your family, praise God, and prepare for hard times.

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