Texas Democrat on Biden Border Surge: We Need URGENT Change

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Jerry from Illinois

Well-known Member
Jan 20, 2021
If he has any sense of reality, namely that his party has zero interest in his views and the needs of his constituents, then he needs to get in gear and do something about it. He should immediately round up at minimum a half dozen colleagues in his caucus who are now seeing the light about Pelosi and her utter contempt for the working class Americans and Hispanic voters who will be hit the hardest by millions of low skill workers flooding the job market. If they are dead serious about changing things and they agree on a course of action they should send a letter to minority leader Kevin Mc Carthy and tell him they want to switch parties. That would switch control away from the anti-worker Democrats and thus prevent them from instituting their injurious schemes upon the American people. If this congressman does not do this he will see his district destroyed by Biden's policies.

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