Texas Lieutenant Gov. Slams AOC's "Idiotic" Comments

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Feb 15, 2021
Texas is the greatest state, and I don't even reside there! Gov. Abbott needs to gather the sane states and secede from this banana republic. Let the criminal party states drown in their own stupidity and socialism. The sane states can start their own, new country. They can call it the Constitutional States of America because THEY FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION!
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Mar 9, 2021
That question she asks about what are we going to do about this, makes me mad. President Trump had this taken care of. Biden has undone everything at the border that was WORKING. What needs to be done is put BACK IN PLACE the rules that President Trump implemented, and I dare say, finish the wall. What else needs to be done is to hold Biden and everyone in charge accountable for this mess. Lastly, everyone who voted for Biden needs to take responsibility for this serge. This isn’t a total shock because the left was never quiet about calling the wall racist and illegal. The bottom line is that this is about votes. They want any and ALL votes; that includes illegals, fraudulent, and even votes by the dead.
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