The Armor of God

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Here is a prayer that I say on a, daily, basis that should help you with this constant spiritual battle of the mind. Say this prayer, once a day, for two weeks and notice the change in your peace of mind. This prayer is based upon the Apostle Paul’s metaphor regarding the physical armor of the Roman soldier and our spiritual battle gear.

“I wear the Helmet of Salvation to filter my thoughts. I put on the Breastplate ofRighteousness to protect my heart. I am protected by the Shield of Faith from the flaming missiles of Satan. I carry the Sword of the Holy Spirit, the Word of the living God. I am belted with Truth and Readiness, to glorify You, Lord, while walking in the Gospel of Peace.”

I hope this simple prayer helps you! It helps me. Please view the ‘Armor of God’ blog that explains this metaphor and prayer in more detail.

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