The Crunch: 2022?

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Dip Stick

Senior Member
Jan 9, 2021
What can and is being done to prevent machine-facilitated voter fraud going forward. What can the rest of us, we the people do?
We can start with our local officials, demanding VALID photo ID with proof of residency and the use of PAPER BALLOTS, along with several QUALIFIED BALLOT WATCHERS! I'm sure that satan's little demons will pull their usual fraudulent attempt, but we should be able to upset their apple cart to a great extent! Absolutely No more more of what they call secure voting machines!! I'm sure that China and the Demorats are working on Blue Tooth style voting machines as we speak, No exposed internet connections!

Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
So will you demand for a valid ID and proof of residency with the way the men in the pictures below got stuff done, or peacefully repeating yourself while they laugh at you? And how do you beat the machines?

Battle of Athens: They replaced a corrupt sheriff by having guns at their side, called the SECOND AMENDMENT. This was also about ELECTION FRAUD. THE SHERIFF WAS NOT ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE BUT REFUSED TO LET THE PEOPLE SEE THE BALLOTS. Ring a bell?

Black Panthers stormed the capitol, nobody shot. They believed that black Americans should exercise their constitutional right to defend themselves against an oppressive U.S. government.


Well-known Member
Feb 11, 2021
Houston, TX
In Houston we experienced enron/arthur anderson, we know conflict of interest is real and massive fraud really happens. 3rd party audit standards are required in the financial sector& need to be standard protection for our votes &freedoms as well. Civilizations that call accountants& auditors insurrectionists& declare war on them arent very advanced.
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