The Democrats Have Us In Check Mate - They Will Be in Power Until The United States is Conquered and Occupied by a Foreign Power

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Feb 24, 2021
I had been hoping enough correcting of our broken election process could be in tact for the 2022 election to push the Democrats out of the Majority in both houses of Congress next year. Now that the Department of Justice is joining the battle over elections on the side of keeping the crooked and away from the kind of scrutiny needed to make them right, there is no hope for fair elections for federal offices in the United States. The Democrats constructed a cheater election system that they sprung in 2020, and they are using the power of all three branches of the federal government to make sure it cannot be changed. Only military power can remove them now, and they are in control of the the US military. They are wrecking the military, so the time will come when foreign powers can conquer us. That is when the Democrats will lose power. The American public has a lot of guns, but no heavy weapons. The Democrats capture every phone call. every email, every post in this forum. We can't read any of their stuff.

The Federal court order shutting down the Arizona audit next week will be the start of rolling out the provisions of HR1 without getting it through Congress.

They have us in check mate. They know it. Democrats are dumb, but their nose for power is sharp enough to spot the lock they have us in and they are not going to let go. They have plenty of time to rig 2022 election and there is not a damned thing we can do about it The courts are gone. The laws are gone. Our freedom to communicate in a way that influences the public is gone. Our vote is gone. The country is not ours anymore. It's the Democrats' country. We are like animals on their property. They can do to us whatever they want. The traditions of treating people fairly will fade now there is need for them to garner our support. The power of the United States economy is shot, running now only on momentum. There won't be any great new economic development coming from the United States. Status of the US dollar as the world's reserver currency will end in no more than a few years. When that happens, the poverty dominating most of the world will be what we have in most of the United States. We are a shithole country now. Toilets are nice when they are new and kept clean. We will not have the ability to keep our shithole country nice any more. Most of the nice houses will be falling into disrepair. Same as all our buildings and roads. The last new stadium has been built in the United States. Now matter how bad it gets, the Democrats will have hold of whatever our best is. Not all Democrats, just a handful of them who rule. There will be a few "Republicans" among them, we already know them as Rinos.

We are all are free to hope things will be different. I am not going to try making any bets. I just know things work. If I am wrong, it will be because there is some life left in courts. The Democrats have the power to snuff that life and snuff they will do.

Next major event to be revealed: depopulation strategy. They are going to do it. The only question is how.

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