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Jazon Panther. Ph.D.

Well-known Member
Jan 13, 2021
Atlantis & the Endless Isles
Your Pediatrician Wants a Word—Alone—with Your Teen. A Warning,

It started out as a normal annual checkup, until the pediatrician asked me to leave the room. I didn’t understand at first. “Why?” I asked. “There are some questions I need to ask him without you here.” “Like what?” “Oh, you know, about drugs and smoking.” I stared at her, my mind racing. I realized that if I refused, other issues would be raised. Red flags would be added to the chart. Why wouldn’t I want him to talk to a doctor? Was I hiding something? Did he have secrets I wanted kept secret? “Do I have to leave?” I asked, still stunned. “Yes, I need to ask him these things.” She stared at me not smiling. My longtime doctor who had always been attentive and kind, was suddenly swinging iron keys to my gulag cell while punching the number to Child Protective Services on her phone. Reader, I left. I lingered outside the door for a minute until a nurse ushered me into an empty storage room to wait, where I couldn’t eavesdrop.

A few minutes later, the doctor slinked out and waved goodbye without a word. On the way to the car, the boy told me what happened. “She talked to me about drugs and alcohol. And she told me when I have sex to use a condom.” And finally, the kicker: “Then she asked me if I was comfortable with my gender.” Beware the Pedo-atrician

He thought the gender question was absurd and funny. But he was outraged about the condom question. “Mom, she told me to use birth control. Until I’m twenty-five! I’d be committing a mortal sin.” He’s so good. I don’t deserve him. I got angrier and angrier as we drove home. Here was this doctor my son had seen in person a total of five times in his life probing his most intimate secrets. Does the white coat magically melt away kids’ stranger danger and cause them to open up to middle-aged harridans holding clipboards? Guys, they really do want to separate you from your children and dictate their own agenda to them! It’s not just theoretical anymore. This time it’s personal.

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