The Military Factor in regaining our country and control of its operation.

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Psalm 27

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Feb 13, 2021
A little while back I posted an answer to "How do we re-install Donald Trump to the Presidency that he won by a landslide in November 2020"? One of the key factors in the hypothetical situation that I created was the participation of our uniformed military members. Since then I have done a little more, in depth, research. I ended with an analogy to D-Day and the courage and resolve that an operation like that required. As we stand in reality today the upper echelons of the Officer class of our Military has been infected by the same ideological delusion that has negatively affected our centers of higher learning and our independent journalism outlets. All part of the Takeover Coup. During the first openly Marxist administration of Obama, Biden, which was ushered in by the more subtle stealth of the three previous administrations of both parties. The ones who decided it would not be in the best interest of the American people to actually win a war, but actually it would be better for the arms manufacturers to just have endless wars in order to sap the strength and resolve it takes to be the leaders of the free world.
Well, that path has had its desired affect. We now have an officer class that conducts its military operations from an array of television screens at the Pentagon or the White House. These so-called "Joint Chiefs of Staff" make their decisions based, not on the safety and security of their employers, The American People, but on how this is going to affect my next promotion, "Am I Woke enough"? I better not make any moves that will get me canceled by Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell. Joe Biden might have Susan Rice give me the evil eye and what would that do to my retirement home on the lake? How did "Mad Dog" turn out? Or Colin Powell. They might have been fire breathers when they were young, but no more, their loyalty to the Commander in Chief somehow got diverted to Bill Gates and George Soros.
I read the Epoch Times for my source of information. Dr. Hansen had an article where he noted that when President Donald J. Trump said he was thinking about sending Government troops in to cities where Antifa, BLM adherents were having peaceful protests by ripping down statues, robbing and murdering, burning down stores and public buildings, Victor quoted from a letter. The letter was signed by 280 retired career military officers. The letter blasted the Commander in Chief for, "risking, sullying the reputations of our men and women in uniform, in the eyes of their fellow Americans" So, the Officer Corps is worried more about "Sullied Reputations" than it is about Communist Domination!
Maybe we ought to go down the chain of command a little way until we find some actual field commanders, instead of relying on armchair, TV watching, Woke wannabes, to implement an earth shaking act of courage and resolve, that it would take to overturn that, well planned, ALMOST perfectly executed, act of treason that occurred on November 4th, 2020.
That election is a wound that will never heal. It is like being shot in the stomach and then thinking you can just get over it. The wound has to be treated. The operation has to be performed. The offending ordinance has to be removed. The damaged flesh and organs have to be sown back in place. The terrible, painful therapy has to be undergone and then, hopefully the patient will survive. There is no other way. With our entire government apparatus paralyzed from within we need military leaders that command Divisions of able bodied American troops that realize that their chain of command begins and ends with the American People standing firmly astride their God given U.S. Constitution! Just Sayin,;):D(y) MAGA!

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