The Naked Communist

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New Member
Feb 10, 2021
Like most, I have been educating myself over the last few years on empirical tyranny and socialism. Raheem frequently, and rightfully, calls out the 35 and under crowd (of which I am still, barely, a part of) for ignorance and dismissal of elder warnings of these things. As a part of my edifying I have just finished reading The Naked Communist. This book needs mass dissemination among this demographic. Growing up I was not taught of these things and nearly everyone I know that grew up at the same time feels the same way. W. Cleon Skousen laid out the blueprint for combatting wokism almost 60 years ago. We need to create a massive push to get young people to read it at least once. Promote it. Hashtag it. Quote it in debate. I’ve read The Gulag Archipelago and others, but after finishing this I feel it could be the kissing key to awakening another mass of people.

If you haven’t, please consider taking a week or two just to go through it. It could literally save the world.
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