The Republican Party Is A Lame Duck - Don't Let The 2022 Clock Run Out

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Feb 12, 2021
With the White House, the House and Senate controlled by the Dems, MAGA is on the outside looking in. President TRUMP gave the Republican Party the 2020 win with a LandSlide but they had no spine to close that win, instead they turned on President TRUMP to protect their jobs. If Election Fraud is not proven before 2022 it is going to be a long cold winter for America and the world. You don't have to look no further than the last 30 days under Biden. If the Reps in the House and Senate don't start fighting to prove Election Fraud in the swing state then its over. If they cannot show they won with 11,000,000 ++++ more votes than what they got in 2016 then the Dems will not be forced to reform the voting system and 2022 will be ground hog day . Why will MAGA have the heart to support the Republican Party if they will not fight for MAGA. Get off your butts and get behind PRESIDENT TRUMP and prove Election Fraud. You let the clock run out once don't do it again.


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