the tax man cometh, BOB'S answer to build back butter.

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Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
Tax day is almost here so a few factoids.

A little music to go with the read: sorry bout the add, but the song will soften the blow, believe me.

Perfect answer to the “build back butter “ crowd.

sing with me play it as you read, you'll see why it's perfect.

just cut and paste, good boys and girls, yeah!!

The average corporation makes 3 times more than you, off of your work.

now granted, they have overhead, but 3 times more than you…when you do all the work.

But not to worry, the stock holder only get about 5 percent of that because the CEOs all keep wanting to keep that share…they don’t want to share with the shareholders. And the shareholders, well they just take it, much like you and I, the worker bee.

Then what happens. Well one day you retire, but God help you if you worked for yourself, because the 7% SE payroll tax you paid into for 40 years, they don’t count it. You were self employed therefore a freedom lover, therefore your contribution is counted as zero, and your “social security” is discounted entirely, becomes half of what it would have been had you been an little employee like the good CCP members they wanted you to what do they give me...600 dollars, same as a CCP worker....there are no coincidences.

OK, so then lets add the hidden and not so hidden taxes into your so called ‘security pension” you got a rich uncle sam income. (of course if you are a gov employeee its difference rules, different system, 3 x what the average non gov worker gets.

State wants 10% minimum for income, taxes SS benefit if you dare to work at all, and takes 50% of those wages if you make over 17k

Fed wants 10% after standard deduction in the lowest bracket. More if you dare to work more than a smig.

Medicare wants 1K per person, after you pay the medicare,supplemental (most docs won’t see you if you don’t carry this) so add this add a percentage of your income
thats ONE THOSAND per couple for you kids without IRA's or savings....think it thru and SAVE as if your life depends on it, because it will.

In our case that right there, the medicare cost, is half …50% of our yearly income.

Now add insurance which you MUST carry to drive, and now

Add 50 cent per gallon for the gas you use, one tank is 8 bucks on average. so your gas tax will vary by state and miles driven.

Add the fees for each vehicle, tags, deq, each drivers license renewal, all of which you must have and pay for, so by law it is a tax. (according to supreme Judas Roberts it is.

Now add all the little fees on all your utilities, a few bucks per utility, phone gas, add 20- 40 a month there.

And drum roll
don’t forget sales tax per state this varies so you’ll have to do your own math

AND property taxes, oh yeah…also percentage of income will vary.

So out of that 25% that you thought you got to keep thanks to daddy war-bucks generosity, or the good hearted speakers of the house of mobster=bentatives you now owe on average at a minimum what: ?

The average joe who makes say 50k, will see fully half at minimum and in many states 60-70%, and this is for the lower brackets, in low tax states....those making 40-50, or living in a blue state, a (and not wanting to move away from your kids) . Its closer to 80%. of their income as they still must pay to eat, sales, and for a roof, neither of which is a progressive tax.

Which you may say is no big deal. Yet what do you say to the almost 100 million retirees who were promised the last handful of years they’d have help.

Oh wait scratch that because the "lock box" Bill Clinton and Al Gore promised you, when we caught them spending the fund on their pat THE CHILD AND RUB MY HAIRY LEGS projects, well they unlocked THAT BOX and spent every penny. EVERY LAST PENNY. oN their little pet boxes (monica) pardon the pun.

SO now they help, now help comes in the form of them taking back ALL of our social security stipend for medicare, and then a few hundred more. oh and putting our children and grandchildren in debt because DAMN it, those pakistanies need their dicks cut off or sew on....whatever.

OH but you could get Medicaid you say. Yeah, well if you work at all (in my case from my bed cause I’m handicapped) and I don’t want us to have to choose between food and medicine, and you make even a little to supplement….or should I say work for them some more, then you won’t qualify for medicaid. Not that you’d want to because mostly non-english speaking under-trained newbies are the ones who’ll treat you then.

And if you have anything serious you can almost guarantee a premature end. Diagnostics skills have plummeted in recent years, and medicare gives bonuses to doc who don’t fight for or give pricey tests to their patients. No incentive to help us, just the opposite in fact.

ANYway, I’ll pay my taxes happily, not because I think they deserve them, after letting billions be stolen by undeserving prisoners and aliens we can hardly say they deserve anything; but because I know one day very soon they will get their just deserts and then some. And baked Alaska aka crepes Suzette comes to mind. Can’t wait to see these rat bastards light up!

Sorry Nancy, in this case the Word the word the word you SAY you love agrees with me, hell shall be enlarge to accommodate you who sold out, betrayed and held up your neighbors. Hanging is too good for ya'all. They have warred countless wars for their own gain, while paying for our own grandchildren to die on their killing fields, so they can control the worlds wealth and all of us more and more...power is satans aphrodesiac and evidently its harder to get off of than any heroin....and the blood of our babies and young men and women of valor is on their hands for selling us down the river on the several invented wars THEY started or knew of and failed to prevent[. They, not the japs, not the vietnamese, not irac, not libia...we started them all and more, OUR traitorus leaders did this.. OURS, along with their globalist cohorts in Rome, Berlin, London Mecca and Bejing

So in my case, at 70,

out of 45 k,

after taxes,

I get to keep 11k to eat on and pay my bills; mighty white of ya.

Ain’t that America.

how can anyone not hate what we have allowed this land to become.
and if they were helping actual people that need help, no complaining here,, but they are helping themselves, and helping people who are thieves, and who ran their fiefdoms into the ground.
so so wrong.

ah but she gives good helmet.


Well-known Member
Mar 1, 2021
The American Taxpayer continues to fund CORRRUPT DEMs-REPUBS entrenched in DC, who allow the Cartels to operate, allowing the atrocities of human slave/sex trafficking in addition to letting billions be stolen by felons in prison, illegal aliens and ???.
Time for a tax revolt ?? Stop paying all taxes ?? If I pay for a dysfunctional product from wall mart/amazon, I return it, get my money back.

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