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New Member
Feb 1, 2021
Although people may not like hearing and/or seeing the truth, at the moment they receive it, there will come a time that they will learn to respect, appreciate and be thankful for it. We are standing at a doorway wondering, as a Country which way we are gonna go? We will face one of two things, I would think? Either our future will become brighter or the darkness will sweep the land engulfing everything? We have began witnessing one of the most visible and vocal clashes of Good against Bad any of us has ever seen. People need to come together. Even I should quit referring to them as democrats, because thats not entirely true. For many from all walks of life are in favor of socialism, seems like especially the rich? Do you know what will make a difference of which way we go as a country? You and me! Not them and not those people, not anyone else but us! No wondering if someone else does, only you and I ! Remember "Together we Stand , Divided we fall"! Those words mean everything right now. Do you know what will bring people together? The unthinkable having to do with Children! Think of it this way. Have you ever seen someone really hurting a little child a little kid? Do you think it will matter if we are democrat, republican, white, black, brown, purple, pink, red or even green . hec no because most everyone would want to help that little kid . It is something we all have in common just like pain. We would not allow it! What if that kind of thing has been going on for years and been being covered up by the wonderful media? How would it make you feel if it was people in power that maybe you trusted or you could never imagine doing any harm to a child? There is proof attained not only on the biden laptop, but actual video of many in our government and others doing the unthinkable to children because of blackmail (thats only a drip in the bucket) Would that kind of thing break down the barrier of so called racism and discrimination? I do believe it would, or I mean I do believe it will...

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