There It Is: Chuck Schumer Admits the REAL Reason for the FBI Raiding Trump

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Vee jones

Well-known Member
Jan 1, 2021
Noone has any doubt that this raid was just one more step in the Demonrats (criminal cartel) attempt to destroy President Trump and to break him so he will not run again. Actually it’s not just the Democrats. It’s also the RINOs. Donald Trump exposed the Globalist, Communist, elitist agenda and now they’re trying to put the genie back in the bottle. NOT GONNA WORK. If they steal the election in November (or don’t even allow it to take place) all Hell will break loose. When they sic the heavily armed IRS and the now corrupted FBI on the citizens of this Republic I shutter to think about the streets running with blood.


Senior Member
Mar 1, 2021
If trump didn't break in 4 years of witch hunts, this is just another of their farts in the wind.

he already has copies of all, as does durham...

what they hope to gain? putting fear into the weak

or causing havoc so they can call off elections...

somehow, I think they will end up with egg on their faces again.

we will wait them out...its easy to see where this is goin if we all just keep on getting involved more and more.

this reminds me of my farmer John days...

yes sir, you let them weeds grow at yer own peril, they grow twice as fast as the corn, so git yer butts out there and pull them lambs ears now, and don't ferget the queen's lace, its even younguns, git to it.....otherwise ain't no corn fer chistmas...and that be some truth tellin that.

yes sir, git ta hoe'n yer rows you young fellers.
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