They can only win if we believe what they tell us

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Stop Being Delusional

Senior Member
Jan 8, 2021
I will have to watch this episode tomorrow. I usually watch the episodes just haven’t had time. Thanks for the link.

People will most always believe what they are told. From historical lies they repeat daily like the left does, to vaccines, to politicians, to msm, to this to that. People are sheep. There’s only a few who aren’t. And not enough to do anything about the crooks who run the world. You can show them evidence, tell them, try to bang facts into their heads but they won’t wake up. They just call you names, instead of opening their eyes, because they can’t fathom their little happy world is a bunch of falsehoods and the people they worship are Bolshevik devil worshipers that want us all dead Or just their test tube slaves. Just read forums, platforms, podcasters (all bought off btw) it is a given these people are dumbed down, severely dumbed down.

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