Think of what we could do to help Christians in China!

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Psalm 27

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Feb 13, 2021
It is no secret that the Chinese Communist Party has vowed to destroy our country. Ask yourself where they get their power from. It starts with about 5 to 7 million hard core commies that have enslaved their country through fear, intimidation, brute force and outright murder. Lies, propaganda and misinformation keeps the 1.8 billion population back on their heels. They say anything and the cowards in CCP attack families, torture, prison, you name it!
The one thing these cowards fear most is the millions of underground Christians in China. They fear the name of JESUS. The same Jesus that you and I pray to is the savior that will eventually deliver the godless cowards into the hands of the believers in the Lord God Creator of all that exists. The cowards know that the Christians are their weak spot, They can feel it in their bones. We need to develop think tanks of common folks to figure out how we can help our brothers and sisters in China. Help them to resist and ultimately, by sheer force of numbers and the strong right arm of The Lord God of hosts, bring that satanic regime down in the dust. Those cowards are nothing but flesh and bone like any other human creation. They are created by the One True God. They belong to Him, just like we do. The difference is they have chosen a path created in the mind of a man. The wrath of their Creator will bring them to their knees. The sooner that happens the sooner we will see the melting away of all the problems caused throughout the world by the poison injected into the life stream of free people everywhere, especially in our own home grown sympathizers, the cowardly enablers in corporations from Hollywood to Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C. propaganda 'news' and the ivy league elite.
If we can help the regular folks in China while we are taking back our country with a surging National Populist movement, we can maintain pressure on two flanks in the same battle. We gotta wake up and finally start acting like we are in the war that we have been in since the cease fire on the Korean peninsula in 53'. That's almost seventy years we have been rolling over once in a while smacking a mosquito. It's time to break out the RAID and start spraying these insects on purpose. Just Sayin!
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