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Jan 9, 2021
For the past few days, like many Americans I have been depressed and restless. Frankly pissed off. The unfairness of it all just got to be a bit much for a while. Then I watched an interview with Joshua Phillip and Pastor Brian Gibson last night where the Rev. talks about turning the TV off and focusing on the eternal for a while. I found that helpful.

Patriots, does anyone really believe that President Trump, Mike Pompeo, Rudy, Sidney, Jenna, General McInerney and on down the list are just going to "let this go"? Are 80 million of us just going to "let this one go"? Is Trump going to give up the chance to be on a par with Washington and Lincoln and save this nation from itself and the infiltration of the CCP or instead end on a sour note of failure? If Trump were to just give up without using all the powers still left at his discretion, it would be indeed be a failure for him - could he live with himself?

If we lowly deplorables are keenly aware of most of the specifics of the Nov. 3rd steal: the videos, the statistical analyses, the sworn affidavits, the mountains of much moreso Trump, Pompeo and people at that level?

No. They are not going to let America down. America is not going to be taken over by the evil forces Vigano talks to Bannon about. Evil cannot win over Good.

January 20th is actually very far away in terms of special ops, black ops and things that can be done and need to be done, all within presidential authority as Commander in Chief to stop what is an obvious coup d'etat (attempt). In essence, the fraud has to be shown to all the world who never got to see what happened. It's easy to prove this fraud - but the media and big tech censorship got in the way, ditto the corrupt courts and other traitors in government including Senators, Governors, even the VP. There should be a government TV channel functioning 24 hours a day, available in every household reporting on just the facts with no spin, circumventing the MSM networks. The same could be true for a national radio station. And the same holds true with the internet. We don't need Facebook, Twitter, or even Parler. Look where they've gotten us.

God bless this nation and save it from the demonic forces at play both within and without.

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